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We are constantly adding items to our collection, either bought new or from the secondary market. Our aim is to maintain a catalogue of works that exemplify the output of Australian potters over the last fifty years.

If you are interested in selling a work to us, please contact us, but only if you are seriously looking for a buyer. We do not offer valuation services.

Note that we may not be able to take up all works offered, as our working capital is small and we must be able to recover our investment. We will give priority to exhibition pieces by known potters that clearly fill a gap in our collection.

Note also that the price we offer you for an item must be lower than the price we place on it in our catalogue, to take into account delivery costs and our overheads in operating the gallery, including GST and any resale royalties.

We are happy for you to try and sell your item(s) elsewhere if you find our quote too low. We may still end up being your customer!

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