Scambler, Stewart

Stewart Scambler is a Western Australian potter, teacher and administrator who trained at the Fremantle Technical College and spent some time as a member of the Kiln Shelf gallery, a co-operative of former students of the Ceramics Department at Fremantle Technical College set up in 1979 in Claremont, WA. He is currently based in Palmyra, WA, where he and his wife Trish together produce a range of maiolica domestic ware inspired by the Mediterranean nature of Fremantle, and marketed under the name Bohemian Ceramics. Stewart is also a woodfirer, making ceramic forms inspired by the Western Australian landscape, using local clays and glazes and a mix of native timbers from his York property. He teaches at the Fremantle Technical College and is a former President of the Ceramic Arts Association of Western Australia. He used an incised or impressed 'Stewart' for his mark on early works but later started incising his full name.

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Stewart Scambler. Teapot Scambler, Stewart Stewart Scambler. Teapot
Stewart Scambler. Vase Scambler, Stewart Stewart Scambler. Vase $290.00

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 items)
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