Ellis Ceramics

Ellis Ceramics was a pottery set up by Dagmar and Miloslav Kratochvil in Abbotsford, Melbourne, in 1953. The Kratochvils had come to Australia from Czechoslovakia as assisted migrants in 1951. For the first two years they worked in Newcastle in labouring jobs assigned to them by the Government. As soon as they could, they moved to Melbourne, where they set up a tiny workshop in their backyard and started making pottery along commercial lines. In 1967, they were featured in the Port of Melbourne Quarterly, Oct-Dec 1967, pp. 20-24, as an example of a successful small business. By then they had moved the workshop to new premises at 86 Nicholson Street. With a staff of more than 15 people (including two art students), they were selling to department stores, exporting products to Japan and looking at penetrating the American market. The pottery continued operating until the late 1970s, developing, or borrowing and adapting, a wide range of forms to meet the post-war demand for functional and decorative ware. Ellis marks are documented in Ellis Ceramics List of Shapes.

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Ellis Ceramics. Ashtray Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Ashtray $45.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Bowl Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Bowl $210.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Charger Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Charger $185.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Coffee set Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Coffee set $350.00
Ellis Ceramics. Platter Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Platter $175.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Two comports Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Two comports $90.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Two planters Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Two planters $460.00

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 items)
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