Yarrabah Pottery

Yarrabah Pottery was established in 1973 at the Yarrabah Mission (now the Yarrabah Aboriginal Community), 30 km south-east of Cairns. it was started as an initiative of the Queensland government to provide sustainable employment opportunities for mission residents. In 1990, the community took over the running of the pottery and it is now known as the Yarrabah Guyala (Seahawk) Pottery. Potters who have worked at Yarrabah include Edward (Edwin) Deemera, his sister Gwen Deemera, Cornelius (Connie) Richards, Heather Koowootha, Chris Harris and Michelle Yeatman. Work made at Yarrabah is mainly functional ware, thrown or hand built and decorated with carved or painted images illustrating legends of the Gunganji people. The pottery's mark is an incised 'Yarrabah Pottery' and potters also incised their own initials or names.

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