Anne Mercer

Anne Mercer (1945- ) is a South Australian potter who trained as an Art Teacher at the South Australian School of Arts (SASA) from 1963-1965 and also took evening classes with Bill Gregory in 1967. After some years teaching in secondary schools, she took up pottery full-time in 1974, setting up her studio in Glenelg East where she still lives and works. In 1976 she started teaching part-time at SASA, where she also completed a BA in Design (Ceramics) in the first half of the 1980s. Noris Ioannou (Ceramics in South Australia 1836-1985, p.345) describes her techniques as ranging from "'landscape' platters produced in a white crackle shino glaze, which reveals the terracotta body, unglazed dark-bodied, carved bowls, salt-glazed dragon pots and celadon-carved bowls and tea pots". She also made decorative floral platters using body stains, inlays and coloured slips. Her work may be marked with an impressed 'AM' with the A inverted over the M.

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