The Friary Pottery

The Friary Pottery was a production workshop active in the Franciscan Friary at Brookfield, QLD, in the 1980s. It was run by Brother William, who had come to Australia from England in 1964 to help start the Friary. He had been a practicing potter for many years before becoming a friar, and continued to make slipcast terracotta ware at the Friary when not working on other tasks. The pottery came into its own in the early 1980s when William took on three unemployed young men as apprentices - Stephen Day, who went on to set up his own pottery in Toowoomba, Michael Jones and Richard Western, who stayed one year and then went to New Zealand to set up his own pottery there. Work produced at the Friary during this time is marked with the impressed figure of a friar and may also have the personal mark of the maker ('W', 'M', 'R' and 'S').

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