Damon Moon

Damon Moon is a potter and writer based at WIllunga, SA. In 2006, he completed a PhD at the University of South Australia entitled 'In the beginning was the word : Bernard Leach and Australian studio pottery from 1940-1964'. In it he shows that there is a greater diversity of influence over this period in Australia than some writers have concluded. His father is the potter Milton Moon, whose early work was influenced as much by the painters he associated with as by Leach's philosophies. As a maker with over thirty years' experience, Damon himself engages with the traditions of Anglo-Oriental ceramics. His early work is marked with an incised 'Damon Moon'. Work from the late 1990s onward is impressed with three circles arranged in a triangle and he also uses his full name printed on a decal to sign some more conceptual pieces.

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