Geoff Crispin

Geoff Crispin (1951- ) studied ceramics at the University of NSW under Ivan McMeekin, completing a Bachelor of Science in industrial arts in 1975 and a Masters in 1979. He based himself at Whiteman Creek near Grafton, setting up the Whiteman Creek Pottery there in 1978, and making wood-fired stoneware from local materials. In 1976-77, he helped set up the Tiwi Pottery on Bathurst Island, NT. This led to an ongoing interest in sustainability projects in Australia and third world countries overseas. On his return to Australia in 1987 after three years in Jamaica, he began to move his practice to porcelain, wood-fired with ash, celadon, copper red and chun glazes, and also added slip casting, slab building and carving and incising to his repertoire of work. To formalise his extensive teaching experience, he obtained a Master of Education from Southern Queensland University in 2001. Works may be marked with an impressed 'W' for Whiteman Creek Pottery and an incised or brushwork 'Geoff Crispin' which has morphed to an attenuated 'GC' over the years. Very recent work may also have an incised image of a fish. From 1980-86, production ware was marked with an impressed 'Whiteman Ck Pottery Grafton' and an early version of the impressed 'W' mark.

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