Robert Barron

Robert Barron (1957- ) was born in Harpenden, UK, but grew up in Croydon, Victoria, where his mother had a pottery. In 1976, he began working full-time in the family pottery. In 1979, he went overseas for five years to New Zealand, North America, England, Europe, and South Korea to work with wood-firing potters. During this time, he visited Michael Cardew at Wenford Bridge Pottery, Cornwall, UK, and studied with several of his trainees. He was also engaged as an apprentice at Cornwall Bridge Pottery, Connecticut, USA. In 1984, he established the Gooseneck Pottery at Kardella, Victoria, where he is still based today. Twice a year, he fires a 1000 cubic foot, five-chambered. Nabori-Gama style kiln which he built himself with the assistance of a Crafts Board grant. He also spends about three months of the year travelling as a guest lecturer, pottery judge and exhibitor. He marks his works variously with a painted 'RB’ or 'Barron’ or 'Robert Barron’ or 'GNP’ for Gooseneck Pottery.

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Gooseneck Pottery. Jug and two beakers Barron, Robert Gooseneck Pottery. Jug and two beakers $40.00 Buy Now
Gooseneck Pottery. Salt-glazed bottle Barron, Robert Gooseneck Pottery. Salt-glazed bottle $500.00 Buy Now
Gooseneck Pottery. Shallow bowl Barron, Robert Gooseneck Pottery. Shallow bowl $30.00

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 items)
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