Montville Pottery

Montville Pottery (1966-1998) in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland had several different business owners and employed a range of different potters over its thirty years of operation. The first owners, David and Audrey Everett, established it as a thriving business. From 1973-1975, they employed Ian and Jennifer MacRae as managers, before selling the pottery to Ian Lawrence, who leased it to Sonia Anketell from 1976-1979. He then invited Helen and Peter Brierty to buy into the pottery. They appointed Stephen Fletcher as manager for the first year. I am still working on a full timeline, but subsequent managers included Ian Reid (1983-1985) and Richard Owens (1989-1998). The pottery was demolished in 1998 to make way for a new complex called 'The Pottery Building' which now houses a variety of shops. Work to 1979 is impressed 'Montville' in a quirky font. Work to 1985 is impressed 'Montville' in a sans-serif font, and work after 1985 is impressed 'MONTVILLE'.

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Montville Pottery.  Beaker Montville Pottery Montville Pottery. Beaker $10.00 Buy Now

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