Fry, Stephen

Stephen Fry trained at the Salisbury College of Advanced Education in South Australia. He was a resident potter at the Cransley Craft Centre in Campbelltown, NSW, before establishing his own workshop and teaching facilities at Couridjah, NSW. In 1981, approximately 30 people were using the Couridjah Pottery facilities. In 1985, Fry had recently worked in Japan, exchanging a studio and getting a chance to use a Bizen kiln. This information all comes from Fry’s entries in the 1981 and 1985/1986 potters’ directories. Fry marks his work with an impressed ant or with his incised initials.

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Stephen Fry. Bottle-shaped vessel Fry, Stephen Stephen Fry. Bottle-shaped vessel $45.00 Buy Now
Stephen Fry. Hanging vessel Fry, Stephen Stephen Fry. Hanging vessel $70.00

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 items)
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