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Ralph Jeffress. Platter Ralph Jeffress. Platter

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Shigeo Shiga. Shallow bowl Shigeo Shiga. Shallow bowl

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Shigeo Shiga. Platter (restored) Shigeo Shiga. Platter (restored)

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Judy Lorraine. Shallow bowl Judy Lorraine. Shallow bowl

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Rebecca Cool and Ross Miller. Bowl Rebecca Cool and Ross Miller. Bowl

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Richard Murray. Platter Richard Murray. Platter

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Peter Tappin. Vase Peter Tappin. Vase

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Stewart Scambler. Vase Stewart Scambler. Vase

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Monika Leone. Vase Monika Leone. Vase

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Wanda Garnsey. Decanter Wanda Garnsey. Decanter

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John Dermer. Lidded bowl John Dermer. Lidded bowl

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Sub-Total: $3,265.00

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