Rudolf Dybka

Rudolf Dybka (1935-2015) came to Australia through the Australian Austrian Assisted Passage Scheme. In 1968, with his then-wife Anne Dybka the glass engraver, he set up a pottery studio in his backyard at Rydalmere, NSW. The following year, he and the sculptor Vladimir Tichy, newly arrived from Czechoslovakia, established Studio Dybka Tichy in nearby Parramatta. Joe Sartori, who was production manager there from 1972-1980, says that the studio produced architectural murals, handmade tiles and a range of decorative and funtional pottery, mostly supplied to the Grace Brothers and Waltons department stores.

Dybka left the partnership in 1974, moving to Victoria, and setting up a pottery there. Struggling financially, he eventually placed the pottery in the hands of receivers, where it was bought by his latest partner, John Stroomer, in 1977. Dybka went on to become manager of the newly set up Albury Pottery for the party plan company Cooperware until 1983, then moved to Queensland, setting up the Four Winds studio in Brisbane, where he still lives and works.

In Queensland, Dybka established the Four Winds Pottery and became a supplier for the Natural Decor party plan. In 1986, he and his second wife Judith set up their own party plan company, Wangrove Pottery Pty Ltd., which remained registered as a business until 2003.

Studio Dybka Tichy works are marked with a printed stamp. Works produced with John Stroomer have the impressed stamp 'Dybka Stroomer Handmade Pottery Victoria Australia'. His own works are painted 'Dybka' or 'R. Dybka' or impressed 'rd' with later work also having a Four Winds printed stamp.

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