Bob Connery

Bob Connery (1941-2013) was a science teacher for 17 years before establishing the Stoker's Siding Pottery in 1978 with Laine Langridge. The pottery was located in a bakery behind an old store owned by a neighbouring commune. During the next fifteen years, many exhibitions were held in the store, the first showcasing pots by Tony Nankervis and Andrew Stewart, as well as work made by the resident potters. Langridge had trained in Sydney at the Potters' Society, in the workshops of Enid Cryer and Bruce Pryor at Martindale and at St George Technical College. Connery had first become interested in ceramics with Roswitha Wulff in 1964. From 1985-1991, Andrew Stewart replaced Langridge as resident potter, then Connery worked on, mostly alone, until his retirement and the closure of the pottery as a commercial venture in 2012. Early work was wood-fired, then a gas kiln was installed for the domestic range. From 1992, Connery started specialising in reduced lustre glazes, developing an international reputation for his work. Connery's mark in the 1981 directory is recorded as three vertical incised lines with a horizontal stroke underneath. The domestic range was stamped 'Stokers Siding Pottery N.S.W.' (impressed).

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Bob Connery and Roswitha Wulff. Bottle Connery, Bob Bob Connery and Roswitha Wulff. Bottle $250.00 Buy Now
Bob Connery. Tea bowl Connery, Bob Bob Connery. Tea bowl $120.00

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 items)
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