Sometimes the memory of who made an item gets lost when it changes hands. If it is not marked, or the mark hasn't been recorded anywhere, or if it is hard to read, it may not be possible to identify the maker. Even when a maker is known, it may not be possible to find anything about them. Works listed as 'Unknown' fall into this category. Please use the comments link, or contact us directly, if you know who the maker is or can provide information about their life and work.

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Victoria Wilson. Bottle Unknown Victoria Wilson. Bottle $50.00 Buy Now
Vessel Unknown Vessel $150.00 Buy Now
Vase Unknown Vase $25.00 Buy Now
Vase Unknown Vase $90.00
Unmarked. Lidded barrel Unknown Unmarked. Lidded barrel $150.00 Buy Now
Unmarked. Bottle Unknown Unmarked. Bottle $20.00 Buy Now
Unknown. Two goblets Unknown Unknown. Two goblets $30.00 Buy Now
Unknown. Soup tureen Unknown Unknown. Soup tureen $35.00 Buy Now
Shino bowl Unknown Shino bowl $60.00 Buy Now
Shallow bowl Unknown Shallow bowl $290.00 Buy Now
Shallow bowl Unknown Shallow bowl $120.00 Buy Now
Reduced lustre bowl Unknown Reduced lustre bowl $120.00 Buy Now
Pouring dish Unknown Pouring dish $25.00 Buy Now
Possum Gully Pottery. Carafe Unknown Possum Gully Pottery. Carafe $20.00 Buy Now
Oakley. Jug Unknown Oakley. Jug $50.00
Marilynne Shaw. Decorative bowl Unknown Marilynne Shaw. Decorative bowl $50.00 Buy Now
M.Y. Adler. Bottle Unknown M.Y. Adler. Bottle $50.00 Buy Now
Lynley ? (painted). Tenmoku plate Unknown Lynley ? (painted). Tenmoku plate $20.00 Buy Now
Lorraine Spring. Decorative plate Unknown Lorraine Spring. Decorative plate $60.00 Buy Now
Lidded pot Unknown Lidded pot $30.00 Buy Now
Lidded jar Unknown Lidded jar $60.00 Buy Now
Lidded jar Unknown Lidded jar $30.00 Buy Now
Lidded box Unknown Lidded box $45.00
Kay Hannan (?). Two goblets Unknown Kay Hannan (?). Two goblets $40.00 Buy Now
Karen Johns. Goblet Unknown Karen Johns. Goblet $35.00 Buy Now
Justin Purser. Vase Unknown Justin Purser. Vase $100.00
Julie (painted). Goblet-shaped vase Unknown Julie (painted). Goblet-shaped vase $75.00 Buy Now
Jaree Pottery. Napkin ring Unknown Jaree Pottery. Napkin ring $10.00 Buy Now
High-sided bowl Unknown High-sided bowl $50.00 Buy Now
Heidi Cooper. Goblet Unknown Heidi Cooper. Goblet $15.00 Buy Now
Fiona Wood. Shallow bowl Unknown Fiona Wood. Shallow bowl $50.00 Buy Now
Charles Timmer. Vase Unknown Charles Timmer. Vase $125.00 Buy Now
Charles Richards (?). Shallow bowl Unknown Charles Richards (?). Shallow bowl $100.00 Buy Now
Bottle Unknown Bottle $15.00
Bev Harris. Vase Unknown Bev Harris. Vase $35.00 Buy Now
Beth Hatcher. Lidded jar Unknown Beth Hatcher. Lidded jar $40.00 Buy Now
Berridale Pottery. Vase Unknown Berridale Pottery. Vase $25.00
Ben Edwards. Wine cooler Unknown Ben Edwards. Wine cooler $60.00 Buy Now
Allan Giovanelli. Bowl Unknown Allan Giovanelli. Bowl $30.00 Buy Now
'Y'. Four goblets Unknown 'Y'. Four goblets $40.00
'Wiley'. Jug Unknown 'Wiley'. Jug $60.00 Buy Now
'Virginia'. Vase Unknown 'Virginia'. Vase $30.00
'Tricuspid'. Bottle Unknown 'Tricuspid'. Bottle $30.00
'Salameh'. Tea set Unknown 'Salameh'. Tea set $120.00 Buy Now
'S. Benwell'. Lidded box a/f Unknown 'S. Benwell'. Lidded box a/f $150.00 Buy Now
'MS'. Bowl Unknown 'MS'. Bowl $60.00 Buy Now
'MFD'. Shallow bowl Unknown 'MFD'. Shallow bowl $30.00
'LCD'. Lidded jug Unknown 'LCD'. Lidded jug $35.00 Buy Now
'K with fern'. Vase Unknown 'K with fern'. Vase $30.00 Buy Now
'JM'. Cheese plate and cover Unknown 'JM'. Cheese plate and cover $35.00 Buy Now

Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]  Displaying 1 to 50 (of 76 items)
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