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'AL' (?). Decorative plate Unknown 'AL' (?). Decorative plate $45.00 Buy Now
'AV'. Platter Unknown 'AV'. Platter
'CD'. Decorative plate Unknown 'CD'. Decorative plate $50.00 Buy Now
'JB'. Plate Unknown 'JB'. Plate $40.00 Buy Now
'MFD'. Shallow bowl Unknown 'MFD'. Shallow bowl $30.00 Buy Now
Arnaud Barraud. Platter Barraud, Arnaud Arnaud Barraud. Platter $75.00 Buy Now
Bern Emmerichs. Plate Emmerichs, Bern Bern Emmerichs. Plate $150.00 Buy Now
Beryl Barton. Platter Barton, Beryl Beryl Barton. Platter $45.00 Buy Now
Bette Beazley. Platter Beazley, Bette Bette Beazley. Platter $60.00 Buy Now
Blackfriars Pottery. Platter Smith, Derek Blackfriars Pottery. Platter
Brian Gartside. Platter Gartside. Brian Brian Gartside. Platter $100.00 Buy Now
Broomhill Pottery. Plate Greenaway, Victor Broomhill Pottery. Plate $25.00 Buy Now
Bulls Hill Pottery. Platter Robbins, Andrew Bulls Hill Pottery. Platter $45.00
Charles Richards (?). Shallow bowl Unknown Charles Richards (?). Shallow bowl $100.00 Buy Now
Charles Wilton. Serving dish Wilton, Charles Charles Wilton. Serving dish $45.00
David Rivett. Platter Rivett, David and Sue David Rivett. Platter $270.00 Buy Now
Elke Australia. Shallow bowl Elke Australia Elke Australia. Shallow bowl $60.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Charger Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Charger $185.00 Buy Now
Ellis Ceramics. Platter Ellis Ceramics Ellis Ceramics. Platter $175.00 Buy Now
Fiona Wood. Shallow bowl Unknown Fiona Wood. Shallow bowl $50.00 Buy Now
Fran Swinden. Platter Swinden, Fran Fran Swinden. Platter $40.00 Buy Now
Gail Nichols. Plate Nichols, Gail Gail Nichols. Plate $60.00 Buy Now
Gillian Dodds. Shallow bowl Dodds, Gillian Gillian Dodds. Shallow bowl $60.00 Buy Now
Greg Daly. Platter Daly, Greg Greg Daly. Platter $150.00 Buy Now
Harold hughan. Plate Hughan, Harold Harold hughan. Plate $750.00 Buy Now
Henri Le Grand. Plate a/f Le Grand, Henri Henri Le Grand. Plate a/f $50.00 Buy Now
Jan Buttenshaw. Plate Buttenshaw, Jan Jan Buttenshaw. Plate $50.00 Buy Now
Joan Sayers. Decorative plate Sayers, Joan Joan Sayers. Decorative plate $120.00 Buy Now
John Clift. Platter Clift, John John Clift. Platter $45.00 Buy Now
John Clift. Platter Clift, John John Clift. Platter $50.00 Buy Now
John Elischer. Dish Elischer, John John Elischer. Dish $40.00 Buy Now
John Elischer. Dish a/f Elischer, John John Elischer. Dish a/f $20.00 Buy Now
John Garrett. Platter Garrett, John John Garrett. Platter $175.00 Buy Now
John Robertson. Tray Robertson, John John Robertson. Tray $45.00 Buy Now
Judy Boydell. Platter Boydell, Judy Judy Boydell. Platter $120.00 Buy Now
Judy Lorraine. Shallow bowl Lorraine, Judy Judy Lorraine. Shallow bowl $190.00 Buy Now
Julian Davies. Decorative plate Davies, Julian Julian Davies. Decorative plate $70.00 Buy Now
Leon Saper. Platter Saper, Leon Leon Saper. Platter
Lex Dickson. Plate Dickson, Lex Lex Dickson. Plate $190.00 Buy Now
Lex Dickson. Shallow bowl Dickson, Lex Lex Dickson. Shallow bowl $150.00 Buy Now
Ljubov Seidl. Jug Seidl, Ljubov Ljubov Seidl. Jug $70.00 Buy Now
Loopline Pottery. Shallow bowl Harrison, Steve Loopline Pottery. Shallow bowl $70.00 Buy Now
Lorraine Spring. Decorative plate Unknown Lorraine Spring. Decorative plate $60.00 Buy Now
Lyn Hart. Shallow bowl Hart, Lyn Lyn Hart. Shallow bowl
Malcolm Cooke. Shallow bowl Cooke, Malcolm Malcolm Cooke. Shallow bowl
Mandy Toniolo. footed tray Toniolo, Mandy Mandy Toniolo. footed tray $50.00 Buy Now
Margaret McCaul. Dish McCaul, Margaret Margaret McCaul. Dish $25.00 Buy Now
Mark Knight. Iris bowl Knight, Mark Mark Knight. Iris bowl $45.00 Buy Now
Martin Boyd Pottery. Plate Martin Boyd Pottery Martin Boyd Pottery. Plate $60.00
Mitsuo Shoji. Decorative plate Shoji, Mitsuo Mitsuo Shoji. Decorative plate $570.00 Buy Now

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